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A Special Moment In L.A.

While in Los Angeles recently, Marie paid a very special visit to Saint John of God School, Norwalk.  Saint John of God parish was the first parish to which the Sisters of the Holy Faith went when they arrived in LA in 1953.

Marie shares on her visit there. ‘My visit to this school was extra special because of its name and because of its association with our Holy Faith Sisters. My ministry of faith, liturgy and music is connected not only to my own Congregation, but also in a very special way to the Saint John of God Services in Ireland and the Britain. What a joy then it was for me to hear both Woman of Faith (in honour of Margaret Aylward – foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Faith) and Man of Compassion (in honour of St. John of God) sung by the pupils of the school, under the direction of Andrea Santisteven – school teacher and Holy Faith Associate. It was also an emotional moment when the children sang Look to the Polar Star. It is moments like these when I feel truly blest in my faith and music ministry.’

Below are some photos of the school visit.